Tuesday Travel Links: New Year’s Resolutions Edition


It’s that time of year… the very beginning… which means New Year’s resolutions. Our Tuesday Travel Links explore the possibilities that await in 2015.

What, you say? It’s  January 13 and you’ve already given up on your New Year’s resolutions? Think again.

Even if you’ve already missed a day or two at the gym, cheated on your diet, or haven’t yet been able to put down your phone once you hit your doorstep, there are many things you can still do to become a better you this year.

Even if your travels make things even more difficult.

  • Need a change of scenery in order to begin the year on the right foot? Travel & Leisure has a list of 20 places you should visit to eat better, exercise more and do all sorts of New Year’s resolution-related activities. Our favorite? Unplug in Alaska.
  • Looking to train for a marathon? Daily Burn ranked the

    Top 30 Best Marathons in the Entire World


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  • So you travel a lot and can’t get to the gym regularly? This list of ten ways to get a workout on vacation from active.com should help you avoid making excuses.
  • Does traveling for business make it difficult to maintain a healthy diet? Health Hub from Cleveland Clinic has some travel tips for eating healthier in the airport.
  • Similarly, there are steps you can take to stay thin at sea on your next cruise.
  • Carolyn Rosenblatt of Forbes takes a look at what New Year’s resolution you can keep for healthy aging.
  • Finally, The Seattle Times explores some of the travel trends of the New Year, including lower prices in Europe, chipped credit cards and mileage awards that are tougher to accumulate.
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