Do You Know Where the World’s Oldest Operating Restaurant is?

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With the name Sobrino de Botin, it is the oldest operating restaurant in the entire world. It is located in Madrid, Spain. Not only does this restaurant have amazing food but it was also awarded by the Guinness World Records.

One of the oldest restaurants that is still standing, The Spanish restaurant opened its doors in 1725 and has been operative since. Sobrino de Botin is on Calle de Ios Cuchilleros 17, one of the streets of the city center.

It was founded by a French man called Jean Botin and his spouse. The name of the place was originally Casa Botin, but the restaurant was later inherited by one of the nephews of the former owner whose name was Candido Remis. The latter changed the name of the place to Sobrino de Botin.

The restaurant is mentioned in the novel by Ernest Hemingway “The Sun Also Rises.” Moreover, the artist Francisco de Goya worked there as a waiter before becoming a highly revered world-known painter. Goya worked at the restaurant while waiting to get accepted into the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. So as you may guess, this place has earned its high status.

It is incredible that the place is still operating and that its food hasn’t changed since. There are some dishes, such as the cochinillo Asado (roasted pig) that are still served to its clients.

Same thing for the Sopa de Ajo (chicken with eggs and garlic). Next time you’ll visit Madrid, you cannot miss this place!