How Astrology Can Help You Figure Out Where To Live Next

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Throughout our lifetime, there are moments when we feel drawn to a particular place. Other times, we arrive somewhere and we instantly feel a kind of unpleasant distaste.

Perhaps, you have traveled widely and even planned to settle on a particular place, only to change your mind again. It could be that you’re encountering difficulties or you have trouble finding your luck and peace.

If you constantly ask yourself where in this world you should be, then you might want to connect with New York’s premier travel astrologer, Angel. She specializes in relocation astrology and by analyzing your birth chart; she can help you figure out where you should move next.
According to Angel, your birth map cannot only tell you where to go. It has the answers as to when you should do it and why. If you are fascinated and interested in the movements of the stars, the planets, and other astrological aspects, Angel can help you make decisions that can improve your life for the better.

Whether you are from New York or not, Angel can help you understand your natal chart. You need to provide the date, location, and time of your birth. It would be even better if you remember the details down to the minute. Then, Angel provides you with a snapshot of how the sky looked like at the moment you were born. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a local, Skype can serve the purpose.

If you don’t want to throw down the money to get a reading from Angel, or other astrologists like him, Your Ruling Planet offers free and in-depth yet simple birth chart analysis that is easy to read.

How Does Travel Astrology Work?

Probably, you already know your Sun sign even if you’re not that into astrology. Although it’s the most dominant in your personality, there are other factors to be considered when it comes to travel astrology.

It includes your rising sign or also known as your ascendant. In simpler terms, it refers to your added flavor.

In astrology, there are rising signs that are deemed malefic, meaning they are the bringer of harm and misfortune. Angel specified that no matter what your Sun sign is if you have a malefic planet as your ascendant, it can be described as living under a black cloud.

Photo: Two Red Dots
Photo: Two Red Dots /

If it happens that you have a malefic rising sign, it will never go away. But while your birth chart can never be changed, at least, it can be offset by moving to a place with a different time zone.

For instance, if you were born on the East coast and you want to move to Los Angeles, the shift in geography will impact the celestial bodies in your birth chart. You can strategically move your malefic rising sign as which is harsh and difficult as well as the other celestial bodies out of the way.

A guided relocation can help you improve certain areas in your life such as your career. Angel added that you are not the same person in New York as you are in Los Angeles. So if you have a specific location in mind, travel astrology can help you assess your birth chart to see whether the area or the people there can positively impact the areas of your life that are important to you.