The Best Backpacking Destinations in Asia

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Asia is the largest Continent on planet earth. It also happens to be one of the most beautiful and memorizing locations to travel, explore, and journey through. Thousands of people travel all over Asia to gander at the stunning nature sites the different countries provide. Asia is unique for many different reasons, but one of them being the different beautiful scenery it has to offer, which is different to what most other countries have to offer. Some of the most notable hiking grounds are located in Asia.

For example, the Tiger Nest Monastery trail in Bhutan is a considerably challenging hike, yet it provides one with the view of the monastery that some believe is the birthplace of Buddha.

The Yeak Laom Volcanic Lake trail in Cambodia is another example, yet this place is fairly isolated and pretty tricky to get to. However, if you manage to find it, you’ll be able to witness gorgeous greenery.

Indonesia is the home of the Mount Batur Summit trail, which is a reasonably easy hike to do. Nevertheless, the view of the lake will not disappoint. The only issue here is that the Mount Batur is an active volcano!

Hkakabo Razi National Park in Myanmar is perfect for those adventurous individuals who plan on hiking for at least three weeks. This park is the largest piece of intact forest land in all of Southeast Asia.

Lastly, one can visit the Penang National Park in Malaysia. This location is comprised of remarkable viewpoints and lakes.