Your Amazing Race: Outlanders in the Shetland Islands

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Scottish fever has been sweeping the nation. Women all over the world are swooning over Outlander’s Jamie Fraser and the thought of Scottish Independence. Plus, the new Doctor Who has also taken on a Scottish persona. The Amazing Race season 25 has jumped on the bandwagon and has whisked the teams to the land of tartans.

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As a HUGE Outlander fan myself, I was very excited to see the teams venture north to the Scottish Highlands and then set sail to the Shetland Islands. The rolling Scottish countryside shots from this episode were breathtaking and I loved that the third leg of the Race highlighted the Viking heritage of many of the Highland Scots. Better yet, the tasks the racers endured are much easier for travelers to experience than those of previous legs.

Remember that this series is meant to show how fans of the Amazing Race can recreate the experiences of the season 25’s racers. I highly encourage those of you who decide to follow in the Race’s footsteps that you broaden your plans to include more site and activities! Every season a team laments that they wish that they had seen or done more. Don’t let the opportunity to experience these locations pass you by!

Pack your kilts travelers; we’re off to Lerwick, Shetland Islands.