Take a Look at the World’s Most Luxurious Train

Photo: Two Red Dots
Photo: Two Red Dots /

This new Japanese train is the most luxurious train you have ever seen. It is so successful that it is sold out until April 2018. Most of its success is due to how modern and luxurious it is, different from the average train in Japan. It’s called the Shiki-Shima: It is a futuristic 10-coach train carrying a maximum of 34 passengers, which is unlike any train before.

The creators of the train are associated with the East Japan Railway Company. The train can be booked for a summer tour, a basic three-night/two-day time period, which starts from Ueno station in Tokyo. Five of the 10 coaches are filled by standard suites with all sorts of facilities. Another coach has just two “deluxe suites”, which typically comes with an aromatic cypress wood bath.

At both ends of the train, there are observation cars, a lounge and even a dining car with 5 star Michelin accreditation. The name was chosen for its meaning. Shiki-Shima which means in fact “Island of Four Seasons”.

The train is not surprisingly really expensive: a solo traveler taking a standard suite can pay £7,500. After dinner, you can enjoy a performance of a traditional Japanese song and dance. Or you can have a special dinner at the “open kitchen where you can watch your food being prepared while you wait”. Either way, they are great options.  On top of that, the train stops at incredible destinations like the relaxing hot springs. If you have the budget for it, book the train ASAP.