Wilkesboro NC is a great spot to stop to visit Appalachian State but not the Days Inn

Appalachian State is an insanely beautiful college located in Boone, NC and Wilkesboro is a great place to stop on your visit but I wouldn’t recommend the Days Inn.

Recently my family traveled to the western part of North Carolina to visit the Appalachian State campus for my oldest son. We opted to stay the night in Wilkesboro where the hotel prices were much cheaper and easier to get. The hotels around the college ran in the upper $100 range and over $200 for one night. In Wilkesboro, we found rooms for $90.

There is an old adage that goes, “you get what you paid for” but in this case, I should have gotten much more for $90.00. Yes, I know, that amount is low for a room but there still needs to be standards. We chose this hotel because we needed multiple rooms.

First the good. The front desk clerks were very nice and accommodating. The rooms were what you would expect in terms of layout and were naturally a bit worn which normally isn’t a bad thing. You expect to see some wear on the carpets.

The not so good. The bed felt like a water bed with springs. If you moved, you bounced, a lot. My wife was very annoyed that every time I turned over, she would almost be thrown from the double bed. I’m not joking, she would pretty much toss me off when she moved. It was that bad.

The bathroom was clean but there was still some trash on the counter and they left the used shampoo and conditioner bottles on the sink.

For the price, spend a little bit more and stay somewhere else Wilkesboro but know this, it’s a great spot that is a lot cheaper than those around the college area and Boone. The drive is only about 40 minutes and is quite beautiful this time of year with the changing colors dotting the mountains around you.