Fall travel brings you the beautiful changing colors from Maine to the Carolina’s

Fall has arrived and that means that fall travel will give you wonderful views of changing foliage all across the upper northern United States.

Already nearing max peak, Maine and most of the northern border states are in their final days of the changing colors. Recently, I drove from Ohio to North Carolina and the I77 corridor was already showing the first glimpses of the switch from greens to oranges and reds.

In the western mountains of North Carolina, Appalachian State college was starting to change as well.

The Carolina’s won’t peak until late October to early November and in South Carolina, only the northwestern part of the state will see any significant change. This year foliage should dip in the mid-western states from Ohio to northeast Texas with high contrasts of yellows in the Kentucky valley.

In the west, vibrant colors are going to be hard to find, some are suggesting that that massive heat waves that hit the north will be part of the problem. In most of Iowa, Montana and Idaho expectations are for a duller color pattern this year while parts of Colorado and Arizona will be more vibrant.

Traveling along the Blue Ridge Parkway, one of the most visited National Parks in the entire U.S. has already seen substantial increase in traffic over the last couple of weeks alone and they are not even close to peak.

If you plan to make a trip north, be sure to check out what the timetables are for the areas you are looking for. Accuweather.com has been posting updates on the foliage changes.