The 5 best vacation locations, March 2024

The seasons are changing and it is time to start planning travel destinations including these five locations that are worth a mention on any list.

Hana Highway
Hana Highway / Paul Mounce - Corbis/GettyImages

March is the month where the seasons begin to change. The doldrums of winter come to a close as the United States heads into spring. Spring travel is a big deal for millions, such as those heading on spring break. There are several beautiful locations to visit both within the United States and beyond. These five destinations should be worth a consideration as you go through the steps to plan travel during the third month of the year. 


Maui is one of the must-see locations for Hawaii travelers. It’s a great island to hit with beaches and wildlife to experience every day. If you’re a fan of water sports, then you can do everything from snorkeling, surfing and more with a local guide leading the way. Make it a point to visit Haleakala, which is the largest dormant volcano. Hawaii is a beautiful string of islands and if you’re heading to Maui make it a point to book a helicopter tour to see everything from that amazing view. 


Looking for a beach and warm weather? Let’s go to Mexico. Cozumel is a popular destination south of the border that comes with excellent beaches and tourist attractions. The island is off the coast of Playa del Carmen and a popular stop for major cruise lines. March in Mexico is a popular time to hit the country, so there’s a great chance that Cozumel will be crowded with others enjoying the sun, beaches, and more. What’s even better, the island is small so you can make it a quick trip during a longer stay in the country.  


Vancouver is growing as a popular travel destination. This is a city that is perfect for outdoor travelers, featuring various activities like biking, hiking, rafting, skiing and more. There are also several major parks and even beaches in this Canadian city. And as always, if you’re looking for nightlife, cuisine, and “regular” tourist attractions, Vancouver has its fair share as well. 


March is considered an “off-peak” time of the year in Barcelona, but that could make it a more attractive destination for travelers. With temperatures in the 60s, it is too cold for the beaches, but there’s still plenty more to do in the city. Ciutat Vella, also known as Old City, is where tourists can go to find local bars, restaurants, nightclubs and more. And then there’s always the tours that are a perfect way for history buffs and architect lovers to spend their time in the city. 


First things first, Chicago is still going to be cold. While the United States is transitioning to spring, Chicago will lag behind a bit when it comes to the warm weather. Still, Chicago is a major destination that’s worth consideration when planning a trip in March 2024. 

There’s plenty to do throughout the city. You can hit an assortment of restaurants, museums and more, but if there’s a good time to visit Chicago then it’s St. Patrick's Day. The entire Chicago River is turned a perfect tint of mint green, signaling the kickoff of parties, bar crawls and more. And don’t forget the Irish Parade which is an attraction that brings people from around the country every year. 

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