lists Atlantic City as the top spring break destination in 2024

Ten cities in four states stood out as the best places for spring break travelers when the weather gets nicer in the next few months.
Atlantic City Air Show
Atlantic City Air Show / Donald Kravitz/GettyImages

College and high school students are about a week away from Spring Break. For many, this is a big opportunity to travel with a group of friends, with beaches standing out as the go-to destination. While many may travel south to the shores of the Carolinas or Florida, is pointing toward Atlantic City as the top place to go in 2024.

Atlantic City is a place that some would describe as an “acquired taste,” but BonusFinder listed it with a perfect score of 10 out of 10 on several categories. Those categories include hotels, casinos, the average price of a drink, average hotels, and more.

“While many assume they know the prime party spots, oftentimes these well-known cities can disappoint, said Fintan Costello, the managing director of BonusFinder. “Our aim with this research was to uncover where the real fun happens, and the results are truly fascinating.

Atlantic City was one of two New Jersey cities listed in the Top Ten, with the other being Hoboken. In fact, the top ten cities were split across four states. Florida had three with Miami, Miami Beach, and Key West. Nevada came in with two in Las Vegas and Reno. Louisiana added three to the list with New Orleans, Shreveport, and Baton Rouge.

One key point to think about when picking a destination for Spring Break, do you want to enjoy the water on the beach or just look awesome taking pictures on said beach? New Jersey can be cold during that time of the year while Louisiana, Nevada, and Florida are already deep in pool season by the time travelers step off the plane.

BonusFinder did not include restaurants and local cuisine in its categories. If that were included the destinations in Miami and Louisiana would see a major boost as two fantastic destinations for the foodie traveler.

Spring Break is a big time of the year as students step away from the books and assignments for a week. BonusFinder ranked Atlantic City as the top spot for travelers in 2024, but there are several great destinations listed within the top ten.

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