Popular travel destinations without the massive crowds

If you're looking to travel in 2024 without being hampered by big crowds, this list features many spots worth consideration.
Mexico, Quintana Roo, Isla Holbox, hammocks in the wind in green turquoise sea
Mexico, Quintana Roo, Isla Holbox, hammocks in the wind in green turquoise sea / Anthony Asael/Art in All of Us/GettyImages

The 2024 travel season is shaping up to be a busy one. With all signs pointing toward increases across the board when it comes to revenue, travelers, etc., there’s a lot to look forward to this spring and summer. Google Flights released its list of most searched destinations for this year, but what about those travelers who want to go on a trip that will not feature excessive crowds? That is where this companion list from The Washington Post comes into play. These are some of the top travel destinations for 2024 without the crowds that can easily turn people away.

Large crowds can make vacationing a challenge. No one wants to go to a destination only to struggle with doing simple things like getting dinner reservations or taking part in an attraction. There are even extreme examples, with cities like Miami instituting curfews during Spring Break because of issues with violence and crime. Crowds aren’t a fun part of traveling unless you’re intentionally traveling for a big party or nightlife scene.

So, if crowds aren’t your thing but you’re still looking to travel this year, these are some locations that should be on your list according to the Washington Post.

If you’re looking to head on an international trip, this list features several to pique your interest. Destinations in Mexico, Portugal, Italy, Colombia, Albania, and others stand out. Only two locations in the United States are on the list Asheville, North Carolina, and Fredericksburg, Texas.

Each of these travel destinations has its own flare and attractions that make them worth a visit, and you can do so without being swamped by others. Take Orkney Islands, Scotland. This is a vastly uninhabited island, where only about two dozen in the string are developed. Popayan, Colombia is a bustling, small town that has excellent, local cuisine, and is a quiet town where one can relax and recharge.

Some travel for the allure of big groups and having fun with the masses, while others travel for peace and quiet. If you’re looking for destinations that you can enjoy without having to worry about more people than you’d like, this list features several options that would work for you.