Emirates Increases Flight Schedules As Eid-Al-Fitr Approaches To Tackle High Demand

Emirates makes a smart move to expand flight schedules in response to the expected rise in passenger traffic. Here's everything you need to know.
Final Emirates Flights Arrive In Sydney As Carrier Suspends Flights To Australia
Final Emirates Flights Arrive In Sydney As Carrier Suspends Flights To Australia / James D. Morgan/GettyImages

When it comes to one of the best airlines in the world, Emirates tops the list with premium in-flight entertainment, sophisticated hospitality, great food, and international connectivity, definitely offering value for money. As the Eid-Al-Fitr holidays are approaching, travelers are about to head to their favorite destinations to have a good time, and many of them will definitely choose Emirates for a top-notch flying experience.

Well, as Emirates is already aware of that, as per recent reports, it's known that it's already adding 19 more flights across the region to tackle passenger traffic for the upcoming holidays. Mostly, additional flights are planned from cities like Jeddah, Beirut, Amman, and Kuwait. According to statistics, the airline's demand will rise even more, with over 150,000 passengers expected to fly, this Eid season.

What's more, aside from its already excellent cabin offerings, the Eid-Al-Fitr special menu will be presented on board, consisting of mouth-watering Middle Eastern cuisines. Just like last year, aside from the on-board feast, travelers will also get to enjoy great entertainment content, including 100+ Arabic and international movies. In addition, audiobooks and podcasts will also be available, along with melodious Arabic music.

Let's have a look at what additional flights the airlines announced and scheduled, for passengers to venture freely to popular destinations such as Dubai, London, Colombo, and more.

Below are the pointers, mentioning details of additional flights.

1. From 7th-13th April, seven flights will be heading to Jeddah.

2. More six flights will take off from Kuwait between April 7th and April 20th, taking which travelers can easily reach their beloved destination or travel to their home country for vacations.

3. From Bahrain, 22 weekly flights are scheduled, starting May 2, to deal with the increasing demand for travel to the United Kingdom.

4. In addition, two flights from Beirut and 4 extra from Amman are also announced for hassle-free travel.

"Fly Better" with Emirates this Ramadan Eid. Bon Voyage!