Top 4 things to do, see, and eat on the East Coast

NIAGARA FALLS, - APRIL 27: Niagara Falls is seen during the coronavirus pandemic on April 27 2020 in Niagara Falls, Canada. Tourist attractions across Canada have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)
NIAGARA FALLS, - APRIL 27: Niagara Falls is seen during the coronavirus pandemic on April 27 2020 in Niagara Falls, Canada. Tourist attractions across Canada have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images) /

Have you been thinking of your next place to travel, and are a bit unsure of where you wanna go? Have you ever thought about traveling to a certain region of the US? Trust me, there are so many things to do and see right here in our home nation, to where we don’t even have to leave it!

Second up on our stop around the country: The East Coast!

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Here, we will be discussing the top 4 (and yes only four, if that’s possible) of things that you should do and see, should you choose to come here. From food to the outdoors, and even some super popular tourist attractions, we’re sure to cover it all here!

Join us on our journey to the East Coast! What things will we see, do, or eat? Let’s find out, and travel on!

1. Niagara Falls

This one truly is an obvious choice here. This is just one of those places that should you choose to visit the East Coast and not visit this, you’re surely missing out. I’ve never personally been too much of the East Coast, but Niagara Falls has always been a dream vacay destination of mine – both Canada and the NYC side(s).

The sounds, the sprays, the tourists around you, the fact that you’ll need a poncho just to stand there seems to be all a part of the joyous experience that it brings all along with it, am I right?!

According to Global Viewpoint:

"“With a vertical drop of over 160 feet (50 m), these cascades are both powerful and majestic. It’s no secret that Niagara Falls is considered one of the best places to visit on the east coast of the US.”"

Must-Try Restaurant in Upstate New York – Black-Eyed Suzie’s in Saugerties (Try Buttermilk Fried Chicken – only served on Friday’s)

2. Great Smoky Mountains

Lying just between being on the border of two different states – North Carolina and Tennessee, this is also a must-see and can’t-be-missed spot to visit on the East Coast (some may also consider it part of the South). In fact, some top spots to visit while here are the following potential option(s): Rainbow Falls, Mount Le Conte, and Cades Cove (etc) just to name a few over here!

Gatlinburg is known to be one of the most hidden vacay spots in the US, often being overlooked just because it’s not all flashy and out-there (it’s nature, and nature should definitely be appreciated more, am I right?!).

According to Global Viewpoint:

"“This mountain town is a great place to visit during all four seasons, including the fall during peak foliage season and winter for skiing and ice skating….It’s also home to historical sites like the Biltmore Estate, the largest estate in the US.”"

Must-Try Restaurant in North Carolina: McCalls BBQ & Seafood Restaurant (Try BBQ Pork & Fried or BBQ Chicken Combo Platter)

Must-Try Restaurant in Tennessee: Yats (Try Chicken Creole – all serving New Orleans-style foods)

3. Everglades National Park

Not far from Miami/Miami Beach (also a spot to be visited while here and nearby), this 1.5 million acres of land is not to be missed, whether touring the East Coast or just vacationing in good ole Florida are in general.

Encounter tons of alligators while you’re here (gators, as they call ’em), drive up to the Florida Keys (also not super far from here to be visiting as well), or just explore nature’s home around ya. Either way, no matter the choice, a fun time you will be having for sure!

According to Global Viewpoint:

"“Hop on an airboat or kayak to explore the mangrove canals meandering around the park. Just don’t fall in!”"

Must-Try Restaurant in Everglades City: Cameilla Street Grill (Try Fried Catfish Tacos or Lima Bean Soup(s))

4. Disney World

Much like Niagara Falls was discussed above, Disney World is surely a must-see for everyone – kids and adults alike! Whether you’ve seen all the movies and know all the lines or you’re a brand new up-and-coming budding  Disney fan, Disney World is the place to be and go (don’t waste your time at Disney Land, Disney World is the OG favorite, and 1,000,000% the better one of the two)!

As someone who visited every year from age 5 to age 13, I know my way around Disney World, the parks, the restaurants, the best rides, and could probably lead you to the nearest bathroom no matter where you are (LOL – too much?).

According to Global Viewpoint:

"“Each park offers its own unique attractions and inevitably brings out your inner-child….Not far from Orlando and its theme parks and resorts is Cape Canaveral, home of the Kennedy Space Center.”"

Must-Try Restaurant in Disney World: Hoop Dee Doo Revue (A classic Southern Dinner show – yes I went every year, met the cast, and always had a fun time – don’t forget to spin your napkins high and say hello to Six Pence from G to him)!

Top 4 things to do, see, and eat in the Midwest!!!!. light. Hot

What do you love to do on the East Coast? Join us next time for some things to do, see, and eat on the West Coast! Leave us some comments down below! Let’s chat.