Top 4 things to do, see, and eat in the Midwest

Have you ever been thinking of your next place to travel, and are a bit unsure of where you wanna go? Have you ever thought about traveling to a certain region of the US? Trust me, there are so many things to do and see right here in our home nation, to where we don’t even have to leave it!

First up on our stop around the country: The Midwest (my personal home region)!

Here, we will be discussing the top 4 (and yes only four, if that’s possible) of things that you should do and see, should you choose to come here. From food, to the outdoors, and even some super popular tourist attractions, we’re sure to cover it all here!

Join us on our journey to the Midwest! What things will we see, do, or eat? Let’s find out, and travel on!

1. Mount Rushmore

While this is included on our list of top things to see and do in the Midwest, this just so happens to be just one of the most popular tourist attractions and attractions in general in the whole entire US. It’s certainly an iconic symbol of freedom and democracy that this country represents.

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“While at the park, you can also visit the Sculptor’s Studio to learn about the artist who created the work, and walk the Presidential Trail to get some of the most majestic views of the park from the Grand View Terrace.”

Must-Try Restaurant in South DakotaPhillips Avenue Diner (Try Pork Belly Mac n Cheese)

2. Willis Tower Skydeck

Located in the tried and true heart of Windy City, Chicago lies the Willis (yes, former Sears) Tower. The Willis Tower Sky Deck sits all the way at the very tip top of it all with an all clear bottom (and sides too) so you have a full 360 degree view of the city, even the city below you!

However, according to

“While the experience can take you to new heights, literally, you can always just look out the windows if nerves get the better of you.”

Must-Try Restaurant in IllinoisBulldog’s (Try The Scarlett Johansson Burger)

3. The Mall of America

I truly think that this one’s an obvious choice here. It’s truly something that is so dang popular among tourists, because most, like myself prior to going there myself, had to see it in order to believe it. It’s a massive mall and entertainment center, located in Bloomington, Minnesota, that is fun for the whole entire family of all ages to love and enjoy all the same, nonetheless!

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“It is a massive shopping and entertainment complex with more than 520 stores, an aquarium, and a seven-acre amusement park all under the same roof. There are also more than 60 restaurants, so you have plenty of places to re-fuel as you make your way through the many levels.”

Must-Try Restaurant in MinnesotaWahlburgers – in the huge mall (Try The BBQ Bacon Burger – Donnie’s Choice)

4. Fall Foliage – Door County

I truly think that we’ve saved the best for last here. While I personally haven’t been up to Door County in the Fall time, some members of my family have, and boy is it gorgeous! The fall colors, the leaves, the atmosphere, Door County has it all (and not just in the fall). My family takes a family vacation up there each year, and whether it’s the Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer (like us), Door County is sure to become your new happy place as it is mine.

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“The Midwestern states are blessed with four distinct seasons, and one of the best times to visit is during the fall, when the colors change on the leaves.”

Must-Try Restaurants in WisconsinRed School Café (Try Country Fried Steak) and The Cookery (Try Whitefish Chowder)