5 go-to restaurants not to be missed in Door County, Wisconsin

Icicles formations cover the cliffs at Cave Point County Park on Feb. 16, 2021, in Door County.Gpg Cavepoint 021621 Sk24
Icicles formations cover the cliffs at Cave Point County Park on Feb. 16, 2021, in Door County.Gpg Cavepoint 021621 Sk24 /

If you’ve ever been on vacation to a new place, you’re probably sitting by your computer researching different activities to do, best places to stay, and the coolest restaurants to visit. Door County, WI is just one of those places that goes under many people’s radars, and most wouldn’t think that they are known for their restaurants and food. Here, we are going to be visiting the top 5 go-to restaurants in Door County, WI, that should you vacation there, you definitely won’t wanna miss.

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Door County is a quiet getaway filled with fun and some delicious go-to restaurants!

5. Coyote Roadhouse – Bailey’s Harbor

What a fun place to eat at. It’s super small on the inside, but just enough room to enjoy yourself for a drink or two, or to indulge on some of their most fan-loved favorites. They have indoor and outdoor seating right by the waterfront, for a beautiful and delicious dining experience.

They are known for a few things that are on the opposite of the food spectrum: BBQ ribs and homemade chicken pot pie (seasonal and runs out super fast).

Here are some house favorites that you should try:

  • Fried Clam Strips ($5)
  • “All You Can Eat” Grouper Fish Fry ($15)
  • The Western BBQ Burger ($12)
  • Jambalaya ($18)

4. Log Den – Egg Harbor

This is one of those restaurants that if you’re not really looking for it or already know about it, then you might miss it. It looks like you’re eating in a giant log cabin (hence the name), while you are greeted by some taxidermy in the front entryway and bear-shaped pillars to welcome you all in. The staff is funny, personable, and always there to serve you.

The prices are a little on the higher side, but certainly worth it in the long run.

Here are some house favorites that you should try:

  • Cherry Walnut Salad ($10.99)
  • Creamy Alfredo Pasta w/ Chicken ($19.99)
  • Pan-Fried Canadian Walleye ($23.99)
  • BBQ Baby Back Ribs – Half Rack ($23.99)

3. CHOP – Sister Bay

The best steakhouse in Door County. It’s definitely the place that you save for your big and special meal on any vacation. There always seems to be one meal on vacation where you’re celebrating something special, or just wanting to treat your families alike.

They have so many options, meals and combos, and all other super delicious things to satisfy just about anything on your super food cravings list.

Here are some house favorites that you should try:

  • Filet Medallions ($29.95)
  • Grilled Salmon ($28.95)
  • Pork Pot Stickers ($10)
  • 6 oz. Filet Mignon w/ Compound Butters ($32.95)
    • Choice(s) of Compound Butters:
      • Chop’s House (Worcestershire, Garlic, Chives)
      • Bacon Bleu Cheese
      • Bernaise
      • Garlic
      • Plain Butter (Wisconsin’s Finest)

2. Julie’s Park Cafè – Fish Creek

A classic place for food, and a giant chair photo op afterwards as well! It’s a very homey-style restaurant with a very open dining room, and the staff all dressed in purple, matching the restaurant’s classic logo colors. They are certainly known for their breakfast dishes, but also serve lunch options alike.

They also have some unique and fun operating hours that you can find listed on their menus and websites: they open at 6:59 am to 2:01 pm, so get their bright, early, and sharp!

Here are some house favorites that you should try:

  • Stuffed French Toast w/ Door County Cherries ($9.50)
  • Breakfast Tacos ($9.95)
  • Chicken & Waffles ($10.50)
  • Turkey, Bacon, Guacamole Sandwich – Lunch Option ($9.50) – Make it a wrap for ($1.00 extra)

1. The Cookery – Fish Creek

At the moment, their website and Google says that they are temporarily closed, but I’m sure that they will be ready to open sooner, rather than later.

It’s truly a classic first restaurant that my family and I visit every year upon arriving in Fish Creek. It’s a classic place with occasional live music, fresh baked goodies available for purchase, as well as various skincare products that are also homemade, such as salve, hand scrubs, lotion, chapsticks, etc.

Here are some house favorites that you should try:

  • Whitefish Chowder – Bowl ($6.50)
  • Renard’s Cheese Curds ($7.95)
  • Turkey, Cream Cheese, and Cherry Chutney Sandwich ($12.50)
  • Fresh Perch Fish Tacos ($13.95)

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Have you been to Door County before? Ever try some of these classic DC restaurants? Let us know your thoughts down below! Don’t forget to check out TripSided for your travel needs!