Epcot World Showcase: The American Adventure review

The American Pavilion is the Epcot World Showcase central country. Photo by Brian Miller
The American Pavilion is the Epcot World Showcase central country. Photo by Brian Miller /
Epcot: American Adventure
The American Pavilion is the Epcot World Showcase central country. Photo by Brian Miller /

In this series over the next month, we will take a look at the countries that are represented in Disney World’s Epcot: World Showcase. We kick-off our “trip around the world” with the American Pavilion located smack in the middle of the World Showcase.

The Epcot World Showcase American Pavillion needs to be upgraded and is more outdated than anything else. Frankly, it’s boring and really doesn’t embolden foreign visitors to get an idea of what America is. Of course, the American Pavillion is more about taking visitors back to the early days of our nation’s birth.

The main building is created with early American architecture. Naturally, the pavilion sits immediately center to the Port of Entry and is easily seen from across the lake. It is nestled between Japan and Italy. The American Adventure is what it is called and while it may be a little outdated, the updated Regal Eagle restaurant brings American BBQ to the World Showcase and while it isn’t going to blow you away it’s still a nice change that doesn’t taste completely processed.

The previous restaurant was a burger and fries joint that was a more fast-food style and while the BBQ upgrade did nothing to upgrade the dining experience, the menu got a much needed and appreciated boost.

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The American pavilion at Epcot Center is a nice stop and a historic treat for all Disney guests.

The best part of the “Adventure” takes place through the doors of the non-descript adjacent building. Here you can enter into American History. From animatronics to a 72′ movie screen, watch as the Pilgrims land on the Mayflower and the Boston Tea Party that led to a war for our freedom from England.

Enjoy the Georgian architecture and the amazing rotunda inside the pavilion itself. Oh, and across the road, the concert stage is located where live performances and shows with talent from many celebrity musicians and broadway personalities take the stage throughout the year. This is where the Food and Wine concert series is held and that is one of my favorite events throughout the year.

The American Adventure can be a bit boring but that may simply be because we live here and the experience is something we are taught in schools as we grow up. Still, it’s not a bad spot to get out of the summer heat and get some rest while experiencing a little history.

World Showcase ranking: 11 of 11