Trick or treating is still a go at Sea World while other parks canceled

Orlando, Fl - Seaworld annual event Spooktacular takes place between mid-September through Halloween
Orlando, Fl - Seaworld annual event Spooktacular takes place between mid-September through Halloween /

With the current health issues in our country, several theme parks have canceled their Halloween parties, but not Sea World.

Looking to take your little ones trick or treating this year at one of the theme parks in Orlando, San Antonio, or San Diego? Sea World is one of the only options.

In Orlando, Florida and around the state of California, many theme parks have canceled their Halloween events due to the current health issues in the United States. Not Sea World but there is a reason.

At Disney World and Disneyland, the Oogie Boogie Bash has been canceled for 2020 and that means you are not able to dress up and trick or treat at the Disney parks this year. That sucks but take into consideration you will be saving a lot of money.

Disney’s Halloween events are not cheap by any means. Ticket prices that are not included in your daily park admission or your annual passes, ranging from $85.00 per child to well over a$100.00 for adults.

Seaworld’s “Sea-witches” cast a spell over the children at the annual Halloween Spooktacular event! /

Over at Universal Studios in Orlando and in Hollywood, the Holloween Horror Nights have also been canceled. Both events, like those at Disney, are ticketed events.

Now we have Sea World. Sea World is still planning their Halloween events and honestly, it’s a pretty good deal for both your family, your kids, and your wallet.

Unlike Disney and Universal, Sea Worlds Halloween festival is almost completely free as it is included in your daily park ticket. If you are an annual pass holder or a Fun-pass holder, yep, that is included as well.

Consider that right now you can purchase a Fun-Pass for between $85.00 and $120.00. This pass gets you as many trips as you would like to Sea World in 2020 and in 2021 not expiring until the end of the 2021 calendar year.

That is a pretty darn good deal and aside from the animals you can see at the parks, there are also rollercoasters and festival events throughout the year that would be free to attend.

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That brings us back to Halloween. Sea World charges a small fee for a reusable bag that you purchase at the entrance to the trick or treat path. There are interactive activities, candy stations, dressed up characters, dance parties, music, and more. This year they are observing strict social distancing guidelines.

Is is it worth it? Yes, actually. While not to the scale that Disney and Universal put on, Sea World has the unique opportunity to present their Halloween activity during the day instead of at night. While that may diminish from the ambiance of a traditional trick or treat event, it is great for parents who don’t have to deal with tired young ones late into the night.

We have been to Sea World twice for this event and it was good. It wasn’t out of this world spectacular but all my kids had fun and in the end, that is what really mattered.

Under the sea characters at Seaworld’s annual Halloween Spooktacular ready for a photo op! /

This year, you can’t get your fix at Disney or Universal but you can take your kids to a safe place and have a great family day at either Florida’s park or at the park in San Antonio, Tx.

The events run from September 25th through November 1st on weekends only at Seaworld San Antonio. The events begin on September 19th in Orlando running through November 1st, weekends only as well. In San Diego, event information is not available yet but likely will not happen.

The San Diego park is currently remaining closed during most weekdays. For more information, visit