If you want to visit a Sea World park go sooner rather than later

Sea World has been around for a very long time but it is time that may not be on their side.

If you are hoping to take the family to see some of the greatest creatures in the sea, you may want to hit Sea World now rather than later.

Sea World has been on a steady decline since natural environmentalists began attacking the parks and the ownership group for housing water creatures in what they deem to be harsh environments.

Trying not to make this political is tough because it is at its core a political tug of war between the corporation and environmental lobby groups. What is for certain, is that in another 20 or 30 years, the Sea World we see today will not be the Sea World we see tomorrow.

Like most businesses in the entertainment field, Sea World was cut to shreds by the COVID-19 pandemic. From park closures and layoffs and today, it was announced that 1,900 Orlando location employees will permanently remain unemployed.

Sea World will continue to exist because there is more than just whales and dolphins to see. The park has already started to transition to a care facility for dolphins and turtles. What you won’t see in the future are Orcas.

Orca’s or “killer whales” are actually not whales at all but instead part of the dolphin’s family. They are massive in size and beautiful to look at. Whether through glass or surfacing out of the ocean in their natural environment.

Killer whale

ORCA / KILLERWAL. (Photo by kpa/United Archives via Getty Images)

Eventually, Sea World will have no more killer whales. They have stopped, due to external pressures, their breeding program and international laws prohibit capturing the whales from the ocean. In other words, when those remaining in captivity are gone, there won’t be anymore.

Sea World’s black-eye came long before the documentary Blackfish made its rounds and drew national attention that further fueled the outcry to end whale captivity. Already hurting from low ticket sales, the documentary not only decreased sales but also changed the entire way Sea World conducted their live shows.

With COVID entering the picture, the news just gets worse as they begin to look towards the future to decide which way to go and they will need to retool for the future.

On the plus side, Sea World has been working to transition from a sea-park to an amusement park and there are roller coasters and other rides to go along with the encounters with sea life.

All of that being said, change is inevitable and if you have been putting off visiting the park, you may want to start making those plans before they are no longer what they are. It may be the last time you get to see a killer whale up close and while a lot of people are o.k. with that, it is an educational opportunity for children to see something they may never get to see with their own eyes in life.

In addition, prices are changing too, and eventually, they will go up in order to offset losses. The park is experiencing reduced hours, and now reduced staff, and like the other local parks, require you to have a reservation. The good news is that you can get a season pass for less than a two-day pass and in some cases can also get a package deal that will allow you to go to the Aquatica water park and Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay.


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