A Visit to Some of my Favorite Beaches – Part Two


When I first started thinking about beaches I had visited, I realized the majority of them were going to be in the state of Florida. With that said, I have visited beaches in other places. So here is part two of my favorite beaches.

I guess the first beaches I visited far away from home were the beaches on the lovely island of Kauai. Kauai is the least commercially developed of the Hawaiian Islands. As you drive along the main road on the island you cannot help but make a stop at some of the beautiful beaches alongside the road.

Hanalai by Frank Kovalchek via WikiMedia Commons

One word of warning about these beaches though, you should definitely keep your water shoes on as you enter the surf. You will find many of them have sharp coral and rock bottoms as you step from the beach into the water. That should not stop you from enjoying the beauty of the beach.

One of the loveliest of these beaches is Hanalei Beach on the north shore of the island. The most popular beach is Poipu Beach on the south shore of the island. No matter whether you select one of the larger more popular beaches or just select your own private beach as you stop along the roadside, you will definitely fall in love with the beaches of the island of Kauai.

Next stop along our list of beaches has to be the beaches of Fuengirola, Spain. The town of Fuengirola is part of the Costa del Sol in the south of Spain. The beaches lie along side the Mediterranean Sea and the location is hard to beat. The city of Fuengirola was once a sleepy fishing village. Now it is a lovely vacation spot that lures visitors from all over the world.

Now let’s travel back to the United States and Hilton Head Island which lies off the coast of South Carolina. Hilton Head Island is best known for its golf courses and both golf and tennis tournaments. There is a lot more to Hilton Head than that. The beaches are lovely. There is a great deal of public parking at the beaches and lots of shops and restaurants to enjoy. The drives around the island are also special since nature is important to the city and signage is kept to a minimum. It makes it a bit harder to find what you are looking for sometimes, but it helps to keep the beauty of the island.

Speaking of natural beauty, it is hard to beat the beaches of the Outer Banks. The outer banks are a string of islands about 200 miles in length that lie off the coast of North Carolina. The islands include Ocracoke, Hatteras, Roanoke, Bodie, Currituck Banks and the Cape Lookout National Seashore. On Bodie Island, now actually a peninsula, you will find the city of Kitty Hawk which is famous for the first flight by the Wright Brothers. You will find lovely beaches and lighthouses on the Outer Banks. It is well worth the trip.

Cape Cod is home to the beaches that are the northern-most beaches that I have visited. I think that one has certain romantic notions about Old Cape Cod based on songs and literature about the area. As far as I am concerned Cape Cod does not disappoint. I have yet to visit Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket, but I will save those for my trip Bucket List. If you get a chance to visit Cape Cod I suggest you jump at the chance. It is definitely one of my favorite areas.

For now I will just mention a few of the other beaches I have visited and recommend as stops for beach lovers everywhere. There is Myrtle Beach in South Carolina which is a favorite vacation spot for many visitors. New Jersey has Ocean City which is sort of an old time beach city along the coast. You have to put Atlantic City on your list for New Jersey beaches. If you are looking for casinos, boardwalks and history then Atlantic City is a stop you will want to make.

Speaking of casinos, do not forget the beaches along the Gulf Coast. You will also find history, culture and some lovely southern cities along the coastline of Mississippi.

You may as well either find that old atlas you no longer use or go online for a list of beaches in the state of Florida. All I will say is that I cannot really complain about any of the beaches I have visited in the state. There is something special about each one and I suggest you search them out for yourself.

I guess that is about it for my little stroll down memory lane. I’m sure I will think about all the beaches and cities I should have mentioned in this little tale, but that is the nice thing about having an outlet like tripsided.com, I always have a place where I can record my thoughts and memories about travel.

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