The Walking Dead in Senoia, Georgia


The Walking Dead is perhaps the biggest phenomenon to hit the television screen in recent history.  It is now in the fifth season and seems to be getting bigger rather than slowing down. The series is based on the popular comic book series of the same name.  The fifth season set cable series viewing records with 17.3 million viewers for its season opening episode.

The Walking Dead is now in its fifth season. Seasons one and two were filmed in and around the Atlanta area. Beginning with the third season, the series moved to the city of Senoia, Georgia to film its episodes.

Senoia is a small town located about 35 minutes south of the Atlanta airport. There are several legends as to how Senoia got its name, but one fact known is that it was settled around 1828 by people who had left the town of Newberry, South Carolina looking for new land in which to raise their families.

One thing you should learn about Senoia before visiting is how to pronounce Senoia. Outsiders tend to think that the pronunciation should be “seh-noy-yah.”  If you don’t want to be stared at by the locals and be recognized immediately as an outsider, you will pronounce it correctly as “seh-noy.”  I just thought you might like to know.

Senoia is not just noted for the filming of The Walking Dead. Over 25 movies have been filmed in part in and around the city of Senoia. Films such as “Driving Miss Daisy,”  “Fried Green Tomatoes,” and “Sweet Home Alabama,” as well as TV shows like “Drop Dead Diva” have been filmed there. There are plaques in the brick sidewalks around the town commemorating these projects. But for the moment, you will find it best known as the town of Woodbury in The Walking Dead.

We spent part of a Sunday afternoon recently walking and driving around Senoia. One of the first things you notice is that The Great Wall of Senoia has been built around the filming area for The Walking Dead.

They started building the wall in July of last year. At first glance you would think the wall is to keep the faithful known as walker stalkers off the set. In reality, the wall is part of the storyline for season five. The city has issued permits for the wall to stay up for an extended period and for downtown streets to be closed for filming of the series.

The Great Wall of Senoia.

There are actually guards at the entrances to keep people off the property. This is a change from the early days of filming the show in the city. At that time the crowds were smaller and the actors often had more interplay with their fans. That’s not saying you will not run into one of your favorites on the streets of Senoia. The citizens of the city itself have reached the point of not being fazed by running into some celebrity.

There are other aspects of Senoia that you may find interesting. Senoia was the host to the Southern Living Idea House not once but twice. In 2010 Southern Living styled Abercorn Place, a four story luxury brownstone.

In 2012 they did their first restoration and enlargement of a historic home. The home is now a private residence.

Woodbury’s most famous coffee shop

You may want to drop in and have a cup of coffee at Woodbury’s most famous coffee shop, which is actually the Senoia Coffee and Cafe.

If you are hungry you will definitely want to stop at Zac Brown’s Southern Ground Social Club for some really good food in a fun atmosphere. If you want some downhome cooking you do not want to miss Katie Lou’s Café.

Whatever your reasons for visiting the town of Senoia, you will really enjoy walking down the main street and peering in windows. Stop in and visit some of the local merchants. You will find antiques, knick-knacks and even hardware. There is no telling what little memento of Senoia you might want to take home with you.

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