Visit Decatur, Georgia – Another Atlanta Treasure!


Continuing our tour of close-in Atlanta neighborhoods, today we visit Decatur, Georgia. Just ten minutes from downtown Atlanta you will find this picturesque little town that is in many ways a step back in time to what Atlanta once was. In other ways, it is up to date and even trendy, as a cultural center for artists, authors, and musicians. It’s a walking-friendly town, where locals and visitors alike stroll the streets, dropping into the numerous restaurants and shops and visiting with friends.

You might start your tour of Decatur at the Old DeKalb County Courthouse.  The building sits in the middle of Decatur Square and is surrounded by businesses of all sorts and sizes. The courthouse contains a small museum, which is a good stop for history lovers.

Close by you will find the Decatur Public Library which is the home of the Georgia Center for the Book. The center presents author readings and signings several times a month. A chance to meet authors like Pat Conroy and Terry Kay is a gift to be treasured. There are many other activities presented by the Center for the Book and they are definitely worth a website search.

Decatur is also the home of the Decatur Book Festival held over the Labor Day weekend. The festival gets larger every year and is well attended by authors and festival goers. The only problems occur when two authors you want to hear are speaking at the same time at two different locations.

Not to be outdone by a book festival, Decatur also brings the Decatur Arts Festival to life over the Memorial Day weekend. Once again the festival is ever growing and enjoyed by thousands of festival attendees.

Agnes Scott College is located in Decatur. It has one of the loveliest campuses in the state. The college was founded in 1889 as Decatur Female Seminary later becoming Agnes Scott College in 1906. The college remains a women’s college today.

The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) has three rapid transit stations within the city limits. With the access of the MARTA trains and the walkability of downtown Decatur, this makes the area a great visiting spot for people in Atlanta for a sporting event at one of the downtown stadiums.

Speaking of walking in Decatur, you shouldn’t miss the Decatur Ghost Tour. I understand people have actually viewed ghosts on this tour! You will also be interested in Sycamore Street where some of Decatur’s largest historic residences can be found, and perhaps a few ghosts.

There is a lot to choose from when it comes to places to eat.  Stop in for a great hamburger at The Farm Burger or hang out for a fun evening at Twains Billiard and Tap. Another fun spot where you can enjoy wine tastings or a great cup of coffee plus take advantage of the free WiFi is the Java Monkey.

For  a visit to my favorite music venue and a nice meal, you might want to drop in for an evening at Eddie’s Attic. Eddie’s is a true music listening room where you are asked to turn off your cell phones, stop your conversations and sit back and enjoy some great music. Musicians such as John Mayer, Shawn Mullins and Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland got their starts on the stage of Eddie’s Attic.

One last place I would like to mention is a bit further away, but still considered Decatur, GA. That place is the DeKalb’s Farmers Market. The market contains items from many countries as well as local and out of state produce. You will feel like you must be shopping at the United Nations as you look at all your choices and at the variety of nationalities among the shoppers. It is worth a trip just to people watch.

Whether you are a life-long Atlanta resident or a visitor to our fine city, it’s a great idea to plan a few side-trips to get the total Atlanta experience!

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