Your Amazing Race: A Paradise Beginning in The US Virgin Islands

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The Historic Fort Christian


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It’s the Mainland for Me!

Bucket List Item: Learn to Shimmy Like a Local
No one could miss the greeter at the pit stop for Episode 1. Some may have wondered why a Vegas showgirl was greeting the racers in St. Thomas. The beautiful islander was actually in a traditional Carnival costume! Similar to Mardi Gras in the US, Carnival is celebrated in the majority of the Caribbean and South America. While many people think that partiers go crazy during Mardi Gras, the Louisiana-based celebration doesn’t hold a candle to the crazy that happens during Carnival.

Carnival in St. Thomas takes place during the final week of April. The celebrations last for a month and culminate in the crowning of the King and Queen of Carnival. The celebrations here are similar to those in Rio de Janiero. Keep in mind that many tourists flock to the island during the Carnival season. Just like prices for hotels skyrocket during Mardi Gras in New Orleans, the same rules apply here. Book well ahead of time if you are planning to experience the energy and unique cultural experience that is the St. Thomas Carnival. Check out the schedule and countdown for the upcoming year at

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Tone it Down…
A must see in Charlotte Amalie is Fort Christian. This behemoth of a fort was built in 1680 to protect the Danish settlement and was the Pit Stop for Leg 1 of Season 25. The structure has been a part of the landscape for over 300 years making it the oldest, continuously used structure in the USVI. Now a museum, the walls do tell stories of the island’s history. Travelers can learn about the governors of old, the rich religious history of the island, and the days of the pirates.