Your Amazing Race: A Paradise Beginning in The US Virgin Islands

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The Amazing Race started this past week marking its 25th season. My husband and I started watching the show avidly many years ago. We’ve spent numerous nights talking about how incredible it would be to experience the places and activities like the contestants. After hours of planning what our strategies for the show would be and where we were like our season to send us, reality sets in and we realize that we aren’t quite “show material.” That doesn’t mean however, that we have to cede that we will never have the same experiences!

That, my Internet friends, is the reason for this weekly series. Your Amazing Race starts here at I will be documenting where the contestants go and what they do and provide YOU with the resources so you can plan your own adventures all over the world.

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The biggest hurdle for some people traveling to new countries is the shock of the local cuisine. They plan where they want to visit and what they want to do but do not consider the food they will be eating to fuel themselves! No real traveler wants to travel abroad and eat all their meals at international fast food chains. So, as a bonus each week, I will include recipes and/or cocktails from these exotic locations.

So here we go future explorers! We start off this season in Manhattan, but will not stay there for long. Buckle up and let’s go!