Would You Spend $60 on Luna Park Coney Island College Days Package

Coney Island is an iconic location for tourists heading to New York.
Coney Island's Luna Park Opening Day
Coney Island's Luna Park Opening Day / Alexi Rosenfeld/GettyImages

Much earlier, it announced on Luna Park, Coney Island's Instagram has begun the College Days, but spending spring break at an amusement park is not an ideal trip for college undergraduates, and is $60 worth a day at Coney Island's amusement park.

Spring recess has begun earlier for some first-time university undergraduates and later for most, the package offers college students a wristband that provides 4 hours of unlimited access to Luna Park in Coney Island rides.

This is not available on-site at the amusement park, but only online purchase for the packet while the wristbands do not allow access to the following rides such as Sky Chaser, Sling Shot, and the Electric Eden Raceway.

However, the wristband does provide a combo meal that includes wings, french fries, and a possible choice of soft drink. In addition, ride access regarding the attraction safety and ride height requirements.

Purchasing a College Days packet requires simple, basic details such as choosing a day to visit the park then filling in the information including first, and last name, email address, cell number, zip code, checking off the two boxes, and step three requires to select payment details as well as mail address.

The amusement park hours in April open between 11 in the morning to eight nightfall from April 1st to the 30th, but the second day in April to the 18th shows no park hours during those weeks.
Next month shows new hours beginning May 3rd and the 31st at different times when the park opens and closes while other weeks show no hours from May 1st to the 23rd.

A maximum of 8 College Days packets per transaction for those who purchase the $55.99 program will have to arrive at least three hours before the scheduled closing time and have their valid college student identification card on hand to validate the purchase at Luna Park's Guest Services desk.