Universal Epic Universe theme park: Everything to know about the wild new worlds

Super Nintendo World, Ministry of Magic, Dark Universe... Is it 2025 yet?
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Universal Epic Universe: Dark Universe

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Perhaps the wildest, most intriguing of all the lands is Dark Universe, which is based on the classic Universal Movie Monsters – with a slight upgrade. Again, we barely know anything about this, but the conceit here is that “Dr. Victoria Frankenstein” has created monsters of myth, and they roam the land.

Universal has given a little glimpse of their revised designs for Frankenstein’s Monster, the Wolfman and Dracula, and it would be surprising if we didn’t see Creature from the Black Lagoon and Invisible Man in there somewhere. I guess we probably won’t “see” Invisible Man. Maybe?

Anyway, every year Universal does a bang-up job with their scare-fest Halloween Horror Nights. So whatever they work up here is sure to be a spooky good time.

So... Is it 2025 yet?