Universal Epic Universe theme park: Everything to know about the wild new worlds

Super Nintendo World, Ministry of Magic, Dark Universe... Is it 2025 yet?
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Universal Epic Universe: Super Nintendo World

Universal Epic Universe – SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™ Portal - credit: Universal Orlando /

The other areas of the park are all accessible through portals… The conceit is that you are essentially warping to different worlds, with different feels as you walk through them. So where better to warp than Super Nintendo World, which has already opened in Japan and California. Here you can meet characters like Mario and Luigi, and several non-plumber characters like Donkey Kong, as well as riding rides and interacting with the environment.

Though we don’t as of yet know what rides will be in the area, each previous iteration had a Mario Kart ride, albeit slightly different for each location. There are also a few interactive activities which, if you complete them all, open up a secret area where you can challenge Bowser Jr.