Universal Epic Universe theme park: Everything to know about the wild new worlds

Super Nintendo World, Ministry of Magic, Dark Universe... Is it 2025 yet?

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Universal Epic Universe: Celestial Park

Universal Epic Universe – Front Gate - credit: Universal Orlando /

Celestial Park is the gateway to Epic Universe, similar to Main Street over in Disney World. However, it will have multiple rides of its own, a “wet play” area to cool off in, shops and restaurants, and also lead to the Helios Hotel on the other end of the park (more on that in a second).

Rides include Starfall Racers, a dual rollercoaster that goes up to 62 mph and will perform a “celestial spin” which will cross the two coasters mid-air. There’s also the Constellation Carousel, which will have appropriately constellations on the ceiling of the ride. And presumably, more to come.

As for the Helios Hotel, it contains 500 rooms, views of the park, and it’s own dedicated entrance to the park as well. There are two additional hotels being built around the park, but this seems like the sort of luxury hotel Universal has thus far been missing.