United States issues travel advisory for Germany

Germany is the latest country to face a travel advisory from the United States State Department.
New Year's Eve In Berlin
New Year's Eve In Berlin / Jakubaszek/GettyImages

As the temperature gets warmer, the United States State Department has issued several warnings for American travelers. The latest was released on May 1 for Germany amid rising concerns in that country. 

According to the advisory, travelers should practice “extreme caution in Germany due to terrorism.” 

“Terrorist groups keep planning attacks in Germany. Terrorists may attack with little or no warning,” the statement reads. 

For those still planning on traveling to Germany, the advisory offers several advice points that range from being aware of surroundings, enroll in the smart traveler program, review the country security report, and many more. 

The U.S. State Department issues travel warnings at four tiers. Level 1 is to exercise normal precautions, Level 2 is to exercise increased caution, Level 3 is to reconsider travel and Level 4 is a do not travel order. This advisory for Germany is a Level 2. The U.S. State Department lists all active travel advisories for view.

Germany is the only European country other than Moldova to receive a travel advisory from the United States. Canada issued a similar advisory to Canadian travelers back in March. 

The United States has issued several advisories for various areas in the world. Israel recently received a travel advisory due to the continuing war in that region. Gaza has a “do not travel” order in place, pushing all people to refrain from going to that area. Ecuador and Rwanda are two other countries that received travel warnings in 2024. 

Tripsided will continue to keep you up-to-date on travel advisories for Germany, and other countries throughout the world.