Uber will launch airport and event Shuttle Service in U.S. in late summer 2024

Offered currently Egypt and India, Uber Shuttle services will be coming to airports and major events across the country as soon as August, if not earlier.
Uber to launch U.S. Airport Shuttle Service in late Summer 2024
Uber to launch U.S. Airport Shuttle Service in late Summer 2024 / SOPA Images/GettyImages

For many people across the world, the use of Uber, Lyft, and Cabify has taken hold as alternatives to traditional taxi services. There are also services in various cities like Super Shuttle in many major cities and Mears in Central Florida. now Uber will be jumping into the shuttle business offering the services to select major cities and airports in the United States starting in the latter half of the summer of 2024.

The Uber Shuttle Service will be an additional service added to the regular Uber app, which is already a taxi service along with food delivery car rentals, and cross-town package delivery. For Uber itself, the airport and event shuttle service is not new to the company as it operates a similar service in Egypt and India.

According to the Hustle Daily Newsletter, Uber customers in both Egypt and India are two times more likely to use the shuttle option over its popular premium UberX service. The UberX Share option, which is also a carpooling service, remains an option and generates at least $1 Billion annually for the company.

When the Uber Shuttle service launches with a small footprint of cities in mind, much like like the rest of the services provided by Uber, the rider that initiates the reservation will know the exact charge they will be expected to pay for the ride to and from the airport and/or event. The current surge pricing model that is prevalent in both Uber and Lyft will not affect the price of the Shuttle service offered by Uber itself. Users will be able to track the shuttle in the app within 25 minutes of their scheduled departure time. Advanced booking can occur and will guarantee up to five seats from just minutes to seven days into the future.

This service does have some key questions ahead of its initial launch such as where the Uber Shuttle service will be available. Uber has stated that they are currently engaging in dialogue with both airports and local governments across the country to bring it into full service. Other questions are what type of vehicle will be the primary use for Uber's Shuttle service which could be anything from a regular multi-row passenger van or a Greyhound/Shuttle bus. One could imagine both options could be in the cards for riders interested in the service.

In some ways, the Uber Shuttle service has been in operation since 2021 exclusively for Uber employees in Mission Bay, California, Seattle, Washington, and Bangalore, India. Uber has stated that the shuttle service could be primarily used for business functions and companies looking for alternatives.

Events such as the annual Texas High School Coaches Association Convention held every summer in the Lone Star State, attract upwards of 16,000 coaches, administrators, and exhibitors. Considering the number of hotels needed to put on an event like this, is ripe for Uber Shuttle to step in and offer their services. Let's not forget the various sporting events such as the Super Bowl, F1, Kentucky Derby, and MLB All-Star Game that could see a very valuable use for the service.

One thing is certain, we will likely service launch in the major cities first with Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington in the northeast. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Las Vegas in the west along with Chicago, Detroit, and St. Louis in the Midwest. The list could go on, but none of these cities are official yet are the most expected places that will be the first to get access to it.