Tulum International Airport set to begin accepting flights from United States

Travelers from the north are getting another airport to travel into with Tulum International Airport set to begin accepting additional airlines.
President Lopez Obrador Inaugurates The Tulum International Airport
President Lopez Obrador Inaugurates The Tulum International Airport / Medios y Media/GettyImages

Do you live in the United States and want an easier trip to Mexico? Yes, the answer is always yes. Then that’s now possible as the Tulum, Mexico airport is now open to airlines arriving and departing to the United States.

In the past, travelers would have to fly into the busy Cancun airport and travel for hours by car to the popular destination. That is no longer the case, as those same individuals can now fly directly into Tulum International Airport. The change is set to begin on Wednesday, March 27. American Airlines and Delta Air Lines are first on the list, as they will start to fly in on Thursday, March 28. United Airlines will soon follow suit with flights from that carrier beginning on March 31.

By the end of June, that list will increase to include JetBlue, Air Canada, and Copa Airlines.

Access to this new airport has been a long time coming as multiple delays have occurred. Infrastructure developments have delayed construction, even as domestic flights began to land starting in December. Road access is still limited, as are trains. Once these issues are worked out, this access point is expected to be a major boost to the area.

“Imagine taking a morning flight from the United States, and by lunchtime, you’re sipping margaritas on our beautiful beach,” said Laura Diver marketing manager for Colibri Boutique Hotels.

The Cancun airport is an important access for American travelers looking to head to Mexico. According to the report by Edward Russell, approximately 4.8 million American tourists passed through that airport in 2023 as they are headed to destinations like Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and others. This is especially timely, heading into a Spring Break season that is expected to be exceptionally busy.

Tulum’s rise in popularity kicked off during the COVID-19 global pandemic. As travelers were looking for a destination that skirted the standards of restrictions that others lived under, Tulum stood out as a possible option. That helped the area become a captivating alternative to Cancun. That has continued in the years after, with this airport being the next step as it expands its place in the minds of travelers.

Once the kinks to the Tulum International Airport are worked out, this is destined to become an important hub for those looking to travel to the popular Mexico locale from countries to the north.

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