TSA to test out self-screening stations in Las Vegas airport

Self-screening stations in airports will go a long way in improving the time it takes to get through airport security.

Record Travel Expected For The Holiday Season
Record Travel Expected For The Holiday Season / Jeenah Moon/GettyImages

Everyone has their opinions on TSA. The fear of running late to a flight just to get caught in the security lines at the airport is a fear that motivates many to get to the airport early or invest in options like TSA PreCheck. That fear may soon subside as a new self-service screening system is set to be tested.

In an effort to continue to improve customer service, experience, and efficiency at airports, this is a major development by TSA. The initial test is set to happen at the Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport. As spring and summer approach this is a major travel time for the year, so it will be interesting to see if the service will hold up under the stress of a popular airport.

The self-screening process begins when flyers drop their bags onto a conveyor belt where they will go through the imaging device, much like current security processes today. The passengers will then walk through the screening booth to be scanned themselves. Their bags will be waiting where they can continue to their gate. TSA officers will be close by to assist, but they are in a support role for the self-service station.

Celebrations for self-service stations will have to wait, as this option is only available in this single airport and only available to PreCheck users. If this test goes well, customers can expect to see these stations open in other major airports. As their availability increases, the benefits of TSA PreCheck become more alluring. Applying for TSA PreCheck is a straightforward process that allows you more streamlined processing in airports throughout the United States.

Self-service stations would be a major improvement as travel continues to increase every year. Seasons like Spring Break and the holidays see millions of travelers pack into airports to get around the world. Making that process a bit faster and removing the stress is a much-needed customer service improvement.

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