TSA PreCheck adds additional international airlines to program

There are several reasons to apply for TSA PreCheck including access to an expedited process at the airport.
TSA Introduces Pre-Screening Pilot Program For Some Passenger Groups
TSA Introduces Pre-Screening Pilot Program For Some Passenger Groups / Joe Raedle/GettyImages

Airline travel can be an expensive and stressful experience for millions of individuals. Many look for ways to make it easier each time out, and TSA PreCheck is one of them. The service allows travelers to use an expedited security lane and now eight additional airlines are now a part of the program.

The eight airlines added to the program are La Compagnie, Air Tahiti Nui, BermudAir, Air Premia, Air Transat, Bahamasair, and New Pacific Airlines. Now, travelers flying on these airlines can use the PreCheck lane when they are departing from the United States. This is also true when connecting to a domestic flight when returning to the country. This now brings the Trusted Traveler program to include approximately one hundred domestic and international airline carriers.

TSA PreCheck is almost a necessity for frequent travelers. The program allows users to move through an expedited line without having to remove all the items that other travelers must in order to get through security. This can help cut down on the time needed to arrive at the airport in advance, making it easier to get through security each time.

If you’re a frequent international traveler, Global Entry is a step up as it adds faster security access for international flights as well. TSA PreCheck is provided to all applicants who also receive Global Entry.

This is the latest improvement in the TSA PreCheck program, following earlier changes. Those changes included allowing teenagers 13 to 17 years old to accompany their parents or guardians through the security line. Previously, this was only available to children 12 or younger. The program was also made easier as more enrollment centers were created to support the application process.

If you’re a frequent traveler, make it a point to enroll in TSA PreCheck or Global Entry. Both options will save you vital time on travel. You can make it a point to find a bar when you’re at the airport and enjoy your favorite drink rather than being stuck in airport security.