Trains over planes: Take advantage of this travel option when planning a trip

Don't let the high cost of airline tickets keep you from traveling as hopping on a train can help you get there and save money at the same time.
Amtrak's Acela Express
Amtrak's Acela Express / Michael Smith/GettyImages

With the new seasons on the horizon, everyone is thinking about traveling. Whether it is a quick trip to the beach or back home to visit family, being on the go is at the front of the minds of millions of people in the country. However, airline fees can quickly become the bane of travel planning. With flight prices not coming down any time soon, there is an alternative that more people are utilizing. Trains are a viable option for travel and data shows that more travelers are looking at them as a viable mode of travel. 

Trains offer several benefits over airplanes. The seats offer more leg room. The climate conscious traveler can rest assured that trains are better for the environment. And then there’s the biggest benefit, train tickets are often cheaper than plane tickets. Yes, trains will take more time on the clock, but for many that is a suitable tradeoff when attempting to travel. However, there are arguments that the ease of traveling by train equals out when factoring the traffic to get to the airport the time spent standing in security lines. 

“We’ve done speed tests and measured the amount of time it takes to go between cities like New York and D.C. on the train versus the plane, and even though the flight is super short, it generally takes around the same amount of time,” said The Points Guy managing editor, Clint Henderson in a CNBC piece by Lyra Neelakandan

There’s another way to look at the time spent on the train during transit. That time can be used to work, study, or even simply relax during the ride. That’s not always the case with congested airplanes, as customers frequently complain about inconveniences and being uncomfortable while traveling. Trains offer more of an opportunity to unwind and perhaps kick off the relaxing part of a vacation earlier. That’s time that more travelers are beginning to value. 

Don’t let the surging price of airlines force you out of opportunities to travel. There are options you can take. Look at the availability of trains and unlock a new mode of travel that can get your destination of choice, potentially in a more restful state and at a lower cost. 

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