TikTok user creates packing spreadsheet that goes viral

Luke Scarpino's packing spreadsheet caught the attention of millions of travelers and is a tool that can be a valuable resource.
Air Travel Demand Expect To Soar Even Higher For Summer Vacation Season
Air Travel Demand Expect To Soar Even Higher For Summer Vacation Season / Scott Olson/GettyImages

TikTok is packed with travel suggestions, hacks, and other information for travelers. If you’re looking for tips, then this is certainly a place to start. Luke Scarpino took to TikTok to share an Excel spreadsheet that he uses for packing. That information went viral and is a tool that travelers should take advantage of when preparing for their next trip.

Scarpino’s packing sheet goes into the steps he takes to ensure that he’s packed effectively and doesn’t forget anything. He uses Excel to list all the items that he needs to pack, and what includes which bag they are packed in. He even goes a step further and lists the percentage of space available in each bag, allowing him to know just how much more he can fit within them all.

TikTok users immediately flocked to the video. As of Friday, April 19, it had been viewed more than 1.2 million times and there were 30,000 comments.

“Everyone makes fun of me for how I pack,” Scarpino said in the video. “But I think I’m just organized. Let me show you and see what you think.”

Applying Scarpino’s packing practices is a step that more travelers should use. Taking these steps will ensure that you not only know what you need for your trip but that you don’t forget it when it is time to take to the air.

Packing can be a stressful step in the travel process. Some travelers wait until the last minute to pack, while others get an early start. But that doesn’t take away from the stress that comes with thinking about leaving something behind, or not having enough space. This is especially important as baggage fees continue to rise, and airlines openly talk about charging for overhead bin space.

Luke Scarpino hasn’t released a version that travelers can download as of this writing, but once he does it will be a valuable resource for travelers of all experience levels.