Three tips to get the most out of your airline miles

Getting a deal on an airline ticket is a major win and using your airline miles correctly goes a long way in making that happen.
Takeoff and landing planes at San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
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Traveling comes at a cost that not everyone can afford. To make it more attractive, many airlines use deals and offers via travel miles that stack up every time you step onto a flight. But, with more miles to earn there are nearly as many questions to ask about how to get the most out of those miles. Take advantage of these three tips to get the most out of the benefits you’ve built from hitting the skies so often.

Rack up miles with credit cards

Airlines continue to push various credit cards that come with bonus flight miles for every trip. Most major card vendors offer some form of card that comes with travel miles on every purchase. However, some stand out compared to others. One Mile At A Time highlights some of the better cards to use for building a high balance of travel points. Those cards include the Chase Sapphire Preferred, Citi Premier, and Capital One Venture Rewards cards. However, it is always important to state that when using credit cards be sure that you can manage the financial responsibilities so you’re not causing yourself long-term hardship.

Pay attention to expiration dates

It’s important to know the rules around flight miles for every airline. Their use isn’t governed by one set of regulations and it’s easy to forget which airline allows what. Some airlines like United and Delta give travelers the benefit of flight miles that do not expire at all. Other airlines like American implemented an expiration date after 18 months. Travel and Leisure points out that while it is important to recognize that those airline miles can “go bad” there are several ways to keep them active such as taking another flight or making a purchase with an airline credit card. In the end, the best bet is to know exactly all the rules when it comes to your travel miles.

Know when to use your miles

Knowing when to use your travel miles is another tip to get the most out of them. The Points Guy makes note of several questions to ask yourself as you plan your travel. Are you saving money for a big trip? Can you use the points to upgrade a current flight? Is your travel flexible? The answer to all those questions will dictate whether to use points or cash to make the purchase. But a savvy traveler knows to think them through before clicking the book button.

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