Three planning tips to ensure your summer vacation is a success

Are you looking to travel this summer? If so, these are three tips that will help you find success this season.
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Spring and summer are here, which means travel is once again on the rise. As the world looks to take to the skies and roads for exciting vacations, there are several things you can do to make your travel a success. Much of that starts with planning. Here are three travel tips to make sure all your summer 2024 vacation planning is a success.

Know when to book

As with anything, planning earlier is always better. That is especially important when setting up your vacation. As always, buy your airline tickets as early as possible. If flying domestic, buying two to three months out is the best recommendation. For those looking to go overseas, you may want to go as far as four to six months if possible.

The day of the week also matters. Buying tickets for Friday to Sunday will always be more expensive because everyone looks to get away for the weekend. If you can plan your travel days between Monday to Thursday, you’ll save some money on your flights. What’s also important is to avoid major holidays. Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and any other national holidays are popular for travelers and airline companies respond with increased costs during those times.

You can book hotels a bit closer to your travel date, but it’s important to check for deals. Some locations offer special discounts if you travel on specific days and that can help you save money. As with flights, hotel prices are higher Friday through Sunday, so avoid those days as much as possible.

Avoid major travel seasons and events

As mentioned, avoid traveling during major holidays. Those times of the year are perfect for businesses to seize on capitalism by raising prices. If you’re traveling overseas, you should also do your best to avoid holidays within other countries. You may find yourself dealing with adjusted business schedules or busy times during the holidays in other countries.

The Summer Games kicks off in Paris this year, making that place a must-avoid when thinking about traveling this year. Not only will prices surge, but security will be extra tight during that time. This will make it more difficult and increase your travel time.

If you’re intentionally traveling for a major event such as the Tour de France or the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament, be prepared for extra costs and booking earlier to avoid rush plane tickets and hotel accommodations.

What to expect from prices

When planning your vacation, it’s important to research pricing around all aspects. That includes the expected costs, airfare, hotels, etc. But also think about the other costs like food, entertainment, and clothing. As prices continue to rise across the board, knowing what to expect will go a long way in your planning.

Airline ticket pricing varies depending on where you’re going. For example, flights south of the border are increasing in cost, while flights to Europe are cheaper. Domestic flights are also seeing swings in costs. That’s understandable when you think about it, as traveling to southern states and countries like Mexico, or the continent of South America is more popular during this time of the year, so prices are going up to meet demand.

Make it a fun part of traveling to plan out your vacation. Go through the steps and have fun because you’re setting yourself up for a successful trip.