The 3 best food tours in New York City

Want to explore the Big Apple through food? These tours are for you.

Haute Living Celebrates Chef Rich Torrisi With The Macallan At Torrisi
Haute Living Celebrates Chef Rich Torrisi With The Macallan At Torrisi / Eugene Gologursky/GettyImages
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New York City is one of the largest cities on earth and also the most diverse place in the world, where so many different cultures meet, clash, fuse together, and become something new. This is especially true when it comes to food: there are so many different culinary traditions in the Big Apple that it’s nearly impossible to try them all.  

Why not explore New York through a food tour when you first get to the city? It’s the perfect combination of seeing the sights and trying out some of the many food options you have at your disposal at any time in the city that never sleeps. 

A great way to discover New York through its unique food scene is Like A Local Tours. They organize carefully crafted and engaging food tours of the city led by knowledgeable and helpful guides. Their tours hit a good balance between the right amount of eating, walking in between stops (enough to digest and be ready for the portion waiting for you at the next establishment!), and a good side of historic, cultural and trivia information about the places you pass by.

So what are some of the best food tours to take in New York City?