Super Nintendo World to open at Universal Epic Universe in 2025

Super Nintendo World features locations and characters iconic to the popular video game platform.
Universal Studios Hollywood Commemorates Arrival Of "SUPER NINTENDO WORLD" With Red Carpet And
Universal Studios Hollywood Commemorates Arrival Of "SUPER NINTENDO WORLD" With Red Carpet And / Rodin Eckenroth/GettyImages

Everyone knows the Super Mario Theme song. We can hum the tunes in our head. But what if you heard it in “real life?” Well, if you travel to Super Mario World, that can become a possibility. Nintendo is opening Super Mario World at Universal Epic Universe in 2025 at the Universal Orlando Resort. 

Nintendo announced that Super Mario World will open with a ride dedicated to one of the franchise’s most beloved characters, Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong Country Island is set to open with the Mine-Cart Madness ride. 

What makes this announcement even more special is that it will be the first time that Americans will be able to experience the DK Country. Super Nintendo World has already opened in both California and Japan, but the California location does not feature Donkey Kong Country. Mine-Cart Madness is based on the well-known and frustrating levels from the video game series that forced gamers to navigate the ride while trying to keep the characters alive. According to the release, the goal is to recreate aspects of the video game levels in the ride, including “getting blasted out of the barrel, seemingly jumping over gaps, and more.” 

The first Super Nintendo World soft launched in December of 2020 at Universal Studios Japan. The Hollywood, California location opened in January 2023. Both Super Nintendo World Singapore and Universal Epic Universe are under construction. The locations feature several of the iconic aspects of games from the Super Nintendo gaming system that was one of the most popular consoles in history.