Royal Caribbean Group launches Loyalty Match program

Royal Caribbean Group has made it easier to enjoy rewards programs across multiple cruise lines within the company.
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World's Large Cruise Ship Icon Of The Seas Returns Back To Port In Miami / Joe Raedle/GettyImages

Are you a fan of seeing the sunrise while on a cruise? Does spending five or more days on a luxury ship sound exciting to you? Then some good news came this week for you and yours. Royal Caribbean Group announced loyalty members of its three brands will now have equivalent status with the other brands within the company. This is a major benefit that gives travelers access to additional benefits across the entire cruise line. 

Three brands sit within the Royal Caribbean Group: Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruise Lines, and Silversea. This announcement opens the doors for users of one brand, to access the same level of rewards within another. For example, an individual that has obtained the Venetian Society status can enter the Captain’s Club within the Celebrity Cruises shipline. Dubbed the Loyalty Match Program, there are several benefits that are now available. Guests will automatically be enrolled in the equivalent programs. The program is set to begin with trips beginning after June 5, 2024. 

“We strive to provide guests with experiences within our portfolio of brands that meet them for all of life’s moments,” said Jason Liberty, president and CEO, Royal Caribbean Group in a prepared statement. “Each of our differentiated brands have passionate fans who take pride in the status they’ve achieved through repeat sailings. In a first for the cruise industry, our new Loyalty Status Match program rewards guests traveling across our brands, and this is one more step in our journey of transforming a vacation of a lifetime into a lifetime of vacations.”

For more information, check out the Royal Caribbean Group website to learn more about the Loyalty Match program.