Potential airline changes on the horizon to improve customer experience

Airline travel has become a big hassle for several reasons but there are potential improvements that could bring relief to travelers.
San Diego International Airport
San Diego International Airport / Kevin Carter/GettyImages

High prices and inconvenience during travel have become the norm. As news of airlines increasing baggage fees continues to roll out, it seems like airlines are in a race to the bottom as they look for ways to increase revenue. However, good news for travelers is on the way as several changes are on the horizon that can improve the overall travel experience.

The United States Senate passed new regulations that are meant to create transparency around ticket pricing, introduce free family seating, improve refund options, and a host of other improvements. Now, it’s hard to believe the government is taking steps to do anything to improve the lives of “regular” citizens, but this bill is a step in the right direction.

Now, this is the same United States government that continues to bicker over the smallest things. Since this bill has passed in the US Senate, it must go to the House where bipartisanship seems to be at an all-time low.

Another improvement that is seeming coming to travelers is improved seating. Everyone has at least one story about being uncomfortable in airplane seats. Those seats seem to be constructed for children, but unfortunately, everyone must grow up at some point. Well, one airline is taking steps to improve that mistake for future travelers.

Southwest remains the top airline for customers looking to travel on a budget. Well, the airline is going above again by looking at improving its seats. The new RECARO seats are crafted by the same company that builds seats for racecars and video game players, two demographics that know exceptional comfort when sitting for prolonged periods of time. Southwest isn’t the only airline looking to make this change but is the largest to make an official announcement.

Airline travel doesn’t need to be a headache, but capitalism created the space for airlines to give customers the worst service at the highest costs. Hopefully, these potential changes will have a positive impact on the industry that millions need for both business and personal experiences.

Next. Southwest is the top airline in the industry for budget customers. Southwest is the top airline in the industry for budget customers. dark