New York City rated the worst traffic in the world

Multiple cities in the United States are recognized for having the worst traffic in the entire world.
Governor Hochul Postpones New York City Congestion Plan
Governor Hochul Postpones New York City Congestion Plan / Spencer Platt/GettyImages

No one enjoys getting stuck in traffic. Even having your favorite podcast or music blasting doesn’t do much to soothe the stress that comes when caught in bumper-to-bumper traffic. If you’re looking to enjoy a ride while avoiding the cities in the world with the worst traffic, then the Global Traffic Scorecard is the resource for you. The latest edition was released and it features several cities throughout the United States.

It is easy to guess which city came in as the worst for traffic. Yep, New York City. One of the most popular and densely populated cities in the world has the worst traffic score available. According to the metrics in the Global Traffic Scorecard, drivers will lose 101 hours sitting in the car. That’s quite a bit of time. It also makes it understandable why NYC has one of the most important public transit systems in the world. Imagine if all those people who use the buses, subway, or walk were forced to drive as well.

Mexico City came in at number two and is the only country with Hispanic or Latino roots within the top ten. The United States had the most cities within the top ten. Along with New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Boston were among the worst rated. London and Paris rounded out the top five, coming in the third and fourth spots, respectively. Miami, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Houston are four other U.S. cities that show up in the top twenty.

The report looks at a number of metrics to measure the ability to move around these congested cities. Issues such as travel delay comparisons, commuting trends, and the costs of congestion are tabulated to bring the numbers together, ranking the cities from best to worst. Thirty-seven countries across seven continents are represented on the list.

Road trips are all fun and games until it’s time to get stuck in traffic. Whether you’re commuting to work or heading out on a trip, avoid driving in these major cities if you want to avoid wasting time sitting behind the wheel.