Mexico City is the must-visit Spring Break Destination

There are several popular destinations for Spring Break but Mexico City is one of the top spots to visit this year.
Mexico: Illustration
Mexico: Illustration / Frédéric Soltan/GettyImages

While Florida is the most known spring break getaway trip for college students Mexico City goes beyond the typical party scene. From historic landmarks such as the National Palace to Chapultepec, art enthusiasts may enjoy the exhibitions of the Museo Frida Kahlo and the Museo Nacional de Antropología.

The group travel company FTLO explained Mexico City offers an authentic experience whether travelers are foodies, interested in art, history, or music that caters to every interest. There is the traditional Mexican street food, like the street tacos and mole dishes at markets like Mercado de San Juan or Mercado Roma is a must try. Also, hit La Ciudadela and Bázaar del Sábado! for handcrafted souvenirs.

Mexico caters to a lot of interests that were mentioned that the group travel company expressed about Mexico City offering value in money as a choice for travelers looking to minimize financial stress. "While prices may be higher than usual during Spring Break, proper research and preparation can help ensure an enjoyable trip without breaking the bank," said Tara Cappel, founder of FTLO Travel.

Mexico City can give you the feel of a major city like New York, which can be attractive to travelers heading to other countries. Be sure to take part in a bustling cuisine scene and nightlife that will keep you occupied for days. Mexico City also isn't too far from major beaches, so you can take a couple of days during your trip to hit the water.

When speaking of Mexico and traveling to the country, it's always important to point out that it is still best to drink out of bottled waters. Drinking the tap water can quickly lead to sickness, which will immediately ruin your vacation. Stick to bottled waters for your trip or you'll find yourself in the bed more than you'd like.

Traveling for Spring Break usually invokes thoughts of beaches and pool parties, but major cities like Mexico City stand out as interesting destinations for those looking to go outside the country.