Men's Journal highlights the top 50 destinations to visit in the United States

If you're looking for a place to travel this year, Men's Journal has fifty different spots that are worth consideration in 2024.
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The 2024 travel season is here. People are taking to the skies, roads, and any other mode of transportation to reach their favorite destinations. Then there are those that are thinking about taking a trip, but do not have a vacation spot in mind. Men’s Journal has come to the rescue with a list of the 50 best vacation destinations across the United States.

The list includes expected major attractions, but many spots that would fly under the radar. Brittany Anas, Sal Vaglica, and the Men’s Journal editing team put the list together using the simple question “Would we feel good sending a friend here?” The answer to that question led to the inclusion of some exception places on this 2024 list. What came in at the number one spot? Perhaps a destination you’ve never heard of before.

Ouray, Colorado is the top vacation destination location in 2024. This is a dream vacation for fans of the outdoors. Called “Switzerland of America,” snow sports are at the top of the must-do list. But the mountains don’t just go away in the summer, as rock climbing becomes a popular activity. If you hate to spend daytime hours of the seasons indoors, then Ouray, Colorado is a place that you must visit in 2024.

What makes up the rest of the field? Finishing up the top ten are Chattanooga, Tennessee, San Luis Obispo, California, New Orleans, Louisiana, Bend, Oregon, Boise, Idaho, Chicago, Illinois, Sedona, Arizona, Washington, D.C., and Portland, Maine. This is a strong mix of locales, but many of them are entrenched with a more “quaint” culture than some cities that most would expect to see on this list. These destinations are the type you would go to in order to spend the majority of your spring and summer outside, enjoying great weather and nature at its finest.

Now, what about the destinations for the people who love to party? The crowds that love to see and be seen? Those places aren’t left off the list. Los Angeles, California comes in at number 11. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania comes in at 17, and San Diego, California is at number 21. You may be asking where are Las Vegas, Nevada, and Miami, Florida? These two places are popular for their party scenes, but that doesn’t help them much on this list as they come in at number 40 and 41, respectively. New York, New York sits at number 26, not nearly as high up as most would expect.

There are several top cities to see around the United States. Men’s Journal did an excellent job picking out 50 destinations and making it clear why they are on this list. Is it for everyone? Perhaps not, as it depends on your travel preferences. But there are still places to see in this top 50 selection.