Travel Deal Of The Day: No need to Hyde from this Jekyll Island discount

The Jekyll Island Club has been around since 1888, and this is the perfect time to visit.
Jekyll Island Club Hotel
Jekyll Island Club Hotel / Kevin Fleming/GettyImages

Looking for a spooky good time this February? Then you’re barking up the wrong tree with Jekyll Island Club Resort, which has nothing to do with the classic novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. However, if you’re looking for a steal on a well-rated resort, look no further.

Located on the Georgia waterfront, the resort is actually located at 371 Riverview Dr, Jekyll Island, which if you read it quickly looks like “Dr. Jekyll Island” and okay fine I’ll stop now. The 4-star hotel has a 4.6 on Google with over 2,000 reviews and a 4.5 on Travelocity with over 2,500 reviews. Point is, this is a nice place – and until February 29, 2024, you can snag a room on the cheap.

Celebrating the opening of the Jekyll Island Club in 1888, select rooms start at $188 (and sadly not eight cents, but you can’t have it all). Per the Resort’s website, the annual January special “includes your room and breakfast for two.” And per USA Today, the rate also will help you enjoy a major renovation of the now 136-year-old property.

The Island – and the Club – both have a storied history, and there’s lots to do in the environs. Beyond your regular Resort activities like walks on the beach, golf, and more, Jekyll Island used to almost exclusively be the home of millionaire families like the Astors and Cornings.

There are multiple tours of the island depending on your area of interest, including a costume tour, one looking at the history of entertainment, and if you wait until October, there’s your requisite ghost tour.

Plus bike rentals, nature trails, boating, and so much more.

Granted, this is not the warmest time to be in Georgia: temperatures range from the 50s in the day, to the 30s at night. But at $188 a room, there’s no need to Hyde from this deal. Sorry, had to get one last pun in.