Hyatt Vivid looks to reach younger, less-affluent travelers

Hyatt creates a new brand for travelers who may not have the funds or career security to travel as much as they'd like.
Hyatt resort hotel and beach
Hyatt resort hotel and beach / Francis Dean/GettyImages

All-inclusive resorts are a major attraction during travel season. They give customers the opportunity to get away with access to all the food, drink, and activities they could desire. But those destinations may be a bit out of the price range for some. Hyatt Hotels Corp is looking to address that by creating a brand that is targeted toward younger, and less-affluent travelers.

Hyatt Vivid is the name of the new concept. Hyatt is a well-known resort brand, but those locations can be too expensive for many travelers. This new option is meant to fulfill the desire for younger and cost-effective travelers looking to hit the road.

“We thought of it like a life cycle,” said Melanie Benozich, Hyatt’s associate vice president for marketing and global branding. “We found that there really wasn’t a place for the next-gen traveler, including Gen Z, who may not yet have a ton of disposable income or be fully secure in their career but who loves to travel nonetheless and wants great experiences.”

Hyatt Vivid debuted with the Hyatt Vivid Grand Island in Cancun, Mexico. This location is right outside the famed Hotel Zone. Four hundred rooms are available and they start at approximately $400 per evening. Food options include Japanese, French, and Mediterranean, along with casual options. Room service is also available for those who like to eat in the privacy of their room.

This is the only location for Hyatt Vivid, but that doesn’t mean the company isn’t planning to open more.

“Once we see some additional success in those areas, we’ll likely look to potentially expand beyond that,” Benozich said. “People are looking for something different. And there is a need [for a product that] allows the younger traveler, who maybe has never been out of the country, to experience something different.”

Initial thoughts are for new Hyatt Vivid locations throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, but no official word yet. Here’s to Hyatt finding success catering to a group of travelers that want to hit the skies, but do not have access to the funds to do so.