Hotels vs Airbnb: Hotels lead the way in 2024

The choice between hotels and Airbnb continues but at this point, hotels are the best bet more often than not.
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There’s a lot to consider when traveling. Where to go? When to depart? What to bring? These, and many others, are pressing questions that come to the top of mind. Another is the question about accommodation. Even more so, the question about hotels versus Airbnb is one that more people are struggling to answer. When looking at the information in front of us, it’s clear that there’s a time and place to leverage both for the best experience at the best cost possible.

There are several different categories that should be discussed when talking about Airbnb versus hotels. This piece will include the following categories: pricing, length of stay, amenities, location, and availability.


Pricing is usually the most important category when trying to find a place to stay while on vacation. There was a time when Airbnb would blow hotels out of the water with its low-cost approach to offering excellent accommodations. That situation has changed in recent years, as Airbnb is frequently called on the carpet for exploding fees that immediately increase the price of stay. For example, many owners were charging cleaning fees or costs after the customers left the property. This is on top of the idea that customers are expected to clean the location before leaving. Those costs aren’t an issue with hotels, as many offer housekeeping as an expected service.

Regardless of which you book, it is important to look at all the fees tacked on before confirmation. Some hotel locations charge meaningless resort fees, which can quickly boost the cost of your stay. When comparing the two, Airbnb may appear cheaper at first glance, but looking at all the charges to come will help you make a clearer decision.

Length of Stay

Length of stay is an advantage that points in Airbnb’s favor. Since these are mostly privately owned locations, a customer can negotiate a suitable rate for their stay. Some individuals have been known to stay at Airbnb for weeks and done so thanks to a lower rate than expected for the consistent business. That isn’t possible with hotels. The rate is the rate. While there are some fluctuations during peak seasons and certain days of the week, it’s impossible to negotiate a lower rate with a hotel chain. You may get some discounts available based on your reward status, but the comparisons aren’t the same.

If you’re looking for a spot to stay for an extended vacation or work, Airbnb is your best option. Many renters offer everything from apartments to rooms in their houses, all of which can suit your needs. The variety of offerings gives Airbnb an advantage in this area.


This is a victory for hotels, but Airbnb shouldn’t be ignored in this category. This is especially true when traveling overseas, as many Airbnb are converted condos that come with access to common place areas like kitchens and pools. It can be a fantastic addition to your trip, but amenities are still one area where hotels continue to stand out.

Hotel amenities can range from pools to fitness areas, to restaurants, to full-on nightclubs. The size of the location where you’re staying will determine what is available, but the more upscale your hotel, the more likely it will have more amenities that fit your lifestyle needs. Many of these places offer discounts or free access to customers staying at the property as well.

Location & Availability

This is a category where hotels and Airbnb come in at a tie. Hotel chains have spread their reach throughout the world, with many offering at least one location in remote areas. The same is true about Airbnb, as it continues to expand as a business model and reach new areas. Hotels tend to be centralized hubs of business where restaurants and stores populate, with Airbnb situated more in neighborhoods. So, the type of vacation you’re looking to have will decide where is best to stay. But there is certain to be something available in your location within the timeframe you plan to travel.


When breaking things down in 2024, hotels are edging out Airbnb as the choice when making your travel arrangements. But the response highly relates to what is best for you and your travel needs. Take the time to plan out your trip to make sure your accommodation meets your expectations.