Health and wellness travel continues to grow as sector of the industry

Travelers are setting out for more reasons than ever, including traveling with a health and wellness focus in mind.

Travelers set out for a variety of reasons. Many travel to experience the local cultures of their favorite destinations. Others want to experience the best nightlifes in major areas. Health and fitness tourism is a newer practice that is on the rise, with more people wanting to continue their fitness journeys even while they are away from home. 

Fitness and wellness tourism is a growing trend within the travel community. Travelers are now looking at destinations and making their selections with a fitness-lense in mind. That means more are concerned about what physical activities are available. That could range from anything to morning yoga, pool activities, hikes, and more. The Global Citizens Association predicted that the industry would grow by 12 percent by 2023, after already being valued at approximately $814 billion in 2022. In 2023, National Geographic noted that 21 percent of travelers are setting out for health and wellness purposes, with expectations that number will continue to grow. 

With that information in mind, destinations are now beginning to change their offerings to fit those with wellness as a priority. Major hotel chains like Marriott are revamping their fitness areas and including those benefits at the forefront of marketing. There was a time when wellness meant the spa but times have now changed. “Fitness” can mean anything from physical fitness, to mental health, to even stepping away to improve their quality of life. Customers expect much more from the resorts and cities they are traveling to each year. 

Travel trends continue to change year after year. While some locations remain popular destinations, the reasons why customers take to the sky are shifting in other directions. Health and wellness travel is growing and the businesses on the other side of the equation need to adjust to ensure they are providing customers with what they want.