Four Trending Cities to Travel this 4th of July

New York, Miami and 2 more major metropolitan cities are 4th of July travel trends.
Bob Self/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY

June comes to a close, and July heats up with huge 4th of July travel trends for travelers looking to get away earlier for the weekend. Miami is an obvious 4th of July destination with New York being another top choice. But there are other cities to consider as you plan your holiday travel.

Priceline Consumer Travel Expert Christina Bennett explained New York, Miami, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles are the four trending cities to travel to this 4th of July.

"Priceline data shows that major metropolitan cities from New York, Los Angeles to Las Vegas and Miami are traveler favorites this Fourth of July," Bennett said in a press release. "In addition to these cities' usual cultural attractions and entertainment, they each have special holiday festivities including fireworks spectaculars, making them a great place to celebrate the Fourth.”

The reason that Florida cities such as Tampa, Orlando, and Miami are all on Priceline's domestic trendy list this July 4th shows the Sunshine State resumes to shine as the trending choice for summer destinations.

However, Destin, Florida was a shoutout from Pop Sensation Taylor Swift's new song ''Florida'' last month which increased 21 percent increase in hotel searches.

“Our data is showing a significant increase in rental car searches for the holiday in top cities including Chicago (+59%), Denver (+41%), Los Angeles (+35%) and Orlando (+22%)," Bennett said. "With the Fourth falling on a Thursday this year, it's the perfect opportunity for travelers to extend the weekend and take a road trip.”

Florida is a friendly designation, thanks to Kissimmee and Orlando {cough} Disney Parks {cough} for the theme parks and orientated attractions continue to steady interest this 4th of July, suggesting plan trips to entertaining destinations.

“If you haven't made plans yet, consider Florida. Orlando, Tampa, and Miami all made our most
affordable list for the fourth," Bennett said. "These cities offer great weather and a variety of entertainment options whether you're traveling with friends or looking for family fun.”