5 Reasons Galaxy's Edge is the Most Immersive Theme Park

We all want to explore a galaxy far, far away...and with Galaxy's Edge, we can.
Millennium Falcon at Galaxy's Edge - credit: Disney
Millennium Falcon at Galaxy's Edge - credit: Disney /

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is the most immersive, interactive theme park I’ve ever been to. It’s visually stunning, has great rides, and has excellent food (the ahi tuna at Docking Bay 7 is superb). There’s already lots to love about Galaxy’s Edge, but what makes it even better is how unbelievably intricate and immersive it is.  

Before I explain why, let’s quickly get the specifics out of the way for anyone who already doesn’t know. Galaxy’s Edge is a theme park at both Disney World and Disneyland. The park-within-a-park is located at Hollywood Studios in Florida and the Disneyland Park in California. Galaxy’s Edge is the park's name, which is set in the Black Spire Outpost settlement on the planet Batuu. The fact that Galaxy’s Edge has its own settlement and planetary backstory already shows just how intricately themed it is. Need even more proof? Check out these 5 ways Galaxy’s Edge is the most immersive park in the galaxy.

Black Spire Marketplace at Galaxy's Edge
Black Spire Marketplace at Galaxy's Edge - credit: Disney /

Playing Sabbac in the Outpost Market 

One of the things that stood out to me most about Galaxy’s Edge is actually something relatively small and simple. A highlight of Black Spire Outpost is the market, a narrow corridor of vendors selling everything you could possibly imagine from model AT-AT walkers to Jedi apparel and more. At an unnamed outdoor stall (located across the alley from Toydarian Toymaker), you can play sabacc, the galaxy’s favorite card game. 

The vendor openly invites guests to play with her, and she helps you learn the game and its history. Despite being surrounded by epic rides and giant setpieces, accidentally stumbling upon a vendor and playing a game with her felt the most immersive. In that moment, we weren't just looking at Galaxy’s Edge…we were actually a part of it. 

Rise of Resistance at Galaxy's Edge
Rise of Resistance at Galaxy's Edge - credit: Disney /

The Line for Rise of the Resistance

For anyone who hasn’t been on the ride yet, I promise I won’t give any spoilers. But Rise of the Resistance is unlike any ride I’ve ever been on, largely because it’s hard to pinpoint when exactly the ride begins. For anyone who’s been on it, you know exactly what I’m talking about. 

The queue for Rise is so immersive that it almost feels like part of the ride. You actively interact with the cast, you get transported on a shuttle, and then there’s that goosebump-inducing stormtrooper reveal – all before the ride even starts. It’s the wildest, coolest, and most exciting line you’ll ever be in, trust me.

Batuu Bounty Hunters at Galaxy's Edge
Batuu Bounty Hunters at Galaxy's Edge - credit: Keith Langston /

Bounty Hunting on Batuu

Got a few minutes before your Lightning Lane is ready? Or waiting a while after a meal before you hop on the next ride? Why not go bounty hunting in the meantime? With Batuu Bounty Hunters you can use your MagicBand and the Play Disney Parks app to hunt down bounties around Black Spire Outpost. 

Your band will flash and vibrate, showing green as you get closer and red if you get further away, leading you to hidden outlaws around the park. Claim your bounty to get exclusive character interactions, like Guildmaster Raga Bua, who gives you your credits after completing the task. There’s a total of 20 bounties throughout the park.

Capture Your Moment in Galaxy's Edge
Capture Your Moment in Galaxy's Edge - credit: Disney /

Get Your Very Own Star Wars Photoshoot

Disney’s Capture Your Moment gives you exclusive access to a professional photographer who photographs your Disney memories. You can reserve Capture Your Moment sessions all around Disney parks, but for Star Wars fans, the Galaxy’s Edge one is a must. 

Not only does the photographer come out in full costume, but they also come prepared with a lightsaber for your pics – and this ain’t some plastic Toys-R-Us one either, it’s the real deal. The photos we took came out amazing and they're a better souvenir than any keychain or beer koozie will ever be.

Vi Moradi at Galaxy's Edge
Vi Moradi at Galaxy's Edge - credit: Disney /

Finding Vi Moradi 

One of the many inhabitants of Batuu is Vi Moradi. A member of the resistance, Moradi was once held captive by the First Order before escaping and helping General Organa set up a Resistance stronghold in Black Spire Outpost. 

Vi isn’t just a character you see on signposts or read about in ride queues, she’s an actual, interactable character who roams the streets of Batuu. You can chat with her, get intel, and sometimes she’ll even send you on missions around the park. Being able to interact with unique characters like Vi Moradi adds a whole new layer to Galaxy’s Edge, making it something truly special and unique.