3 tips to stay healthy on a cruise

No one wants to get sick after spending thousands of dollars for a cruise. These are three tips to help you stay healthy while at sea.
The passenger cruise ship Viking Jupiter arrives at the...
The passenger cruise ship Viking Jupiter arrives at the... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

It is summer travel season. Millions will leave town for expensive trips or subtle getaways. Cruises are a popular option for summer travelers, and there are several cruise lines ready to serve. But what about the fear of getting sick on the ship? Whether it is food poisoning or motion sickness, no one wants to have their vacation ruined. These tips will help you stay healthy while at sea.

Avoid the buffet

Buffets can have everything that you want right in one place. But they can also have the things you don’t want – IE, germs. It is understandable that buffets are convenient, especially when you’re eating outside of “normal” times. Take advantage of sit-down meals to make sure you’re getting fresh food and picking healthier options. If you have a specific diet, do the best you can to stick to that while on the ship because deviating too far can cause stomach issues. Avoid the temptation of gorging yourself, because you can pay for it and be sentenced to time in the bathroom when you should be enjoying yourself on the ship.

Drink plenty of water

It’s easy to find yourself dehydrated while on a cruise. The combination of excessive time in the sun and drinking alcohol can quickly lead to problems. Make it a point to drink as much, if not more water than you would normally. Staying hydrated will help with several aspects of your health such as digestion. It would be smart to always keep a reuseable water bottle, and supplement alcoholic beverages with glasses of water as well.

Prepare for seasickness

Seasickness is the dreaded nightmare of cruise customers. If you are prone to motion sickness, make it a point to visit your doctor before the trip for strategies to deal with the issue. There are several ways to combat the problem, including over-the-counter medication, ginger capsules and more. Take some time to research the sea and motion sickness before your trip. Come prepared with as many remedies as possible and hopefully you won’t have to use any. Being prepared is the best step to take.